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Each inspector at HouseMaster of Knoxville knows what it takes to deliver the highest quality home inspection. We provide you with accurate information to help you make informed decisions regarding your new home. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1979, and it is part of what makes us the oldest and most trusted nationwide home inspection company. It’s easy to see why we are the preferred home inspection partner for real estate industry. Proudly serving the people of Knoxville, Louisville, Thorn Hill, Alcoa, Jellico and their neighboring communities.



<p>Melissa has a BS in Criminal Justice from Bridgewater State University. She has been in home inspections since 2015 and was certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and obtained her home inspector license in Florida in 2017, transferring to Tennessee in 2019 and obtaining Certified Master Inspector through InterNACHI in 2022.&nbsp;<br /><br /> In addition to her home inspector license, Melissa has been certified by National Institute of Building Inspectors, is certified in mold inspection and air quality testing by International Association of Certified Air Quality Consultants, has completed NEHA approved training in Radon Testing, and is certified for commercial property inspections.<br /><br /> Melissa and her husband, Landry, purchased the HouseMaster Knoxville Franchise from Joe Boersma in 2021.<br /><br /><br /></p>


<p>Joe has BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. He has been certified by National Institute of Building Inspectors. Joe is certified in mold inspection and air quality testing by International Association of Certified Air Quality Consultants. He has completed NEHA approved training in Radon Testing. Joe has been awarded Master Inspector by Home Inspector of Tennessee Association. <br /> <img src="https://www.nachi.org/img/logo-42b8256d61.png?v=4" alt="Internachi Logo" width="166" height="166" /></p>


<p>Sharon works as the Office Manager/Sales Manager. She answers phones and schedules inspections. Sharon can answer most questions about services and inspection reports. For Agents and Agencies, Sharon can work to schedule a visit or training at your office.</p>


<p>Landry served in the United States Coast Guard for 17 active duty years and is currently active in the Reserves.&nbsp; Landry is co-owner of the HouseMaster Knoxville franchise and is currently training to become a licensed inspector as well.</p>
The home inspection that was conducted at the potential property that we have under contract was very thorough! We were very impressed with Melissa and Evan that did the inspection. We highly recommend them and HomeMaster! They took their time and answered any questions and if there was any concerns, they helped with that too! We would absolutely hire them again if the need arises. (February 2022)

– Brian A.

That you all are very thorough! You also take the time to talk about each finding and explain it in terms for the average bear to understand! :) (February 2022)

– Jayde T.

Extremely professional &amp; efficient. I was quite thankful for your report. It saved me a lot of money. (February 2022)

– Gail D.

You're doing a good job guys thank you (January 2022)

– Felix Ordaz f/b/o Cesario H.

They explained everything that was going on and showed pics of what all was wrong they was great and friendly we really appreciate them (January 2022)

– Jason H.

all above all the good service and dedication and good work thank you (December 2021)

– Christian M.

Melissa and her team are very professional via communication and in person, proactive in getting things going and done, friendly and kind all around, and thorough during the inspection. Would recommend without hesitation. Thanks, Melissa! (December 2021)

– Sarah W.

The best inspector I have used. She was very meticulous found everything that needed attention. On time and answered all our questions no problem. Great job Thank you (November 2021)

– Terry T.

Clear, concise, professional, attention to detail, customer focused throughout. (October 2021)

– Brandon B.

The inspector is outstanding. Melissa is very professional very through and pleasant. Her inspection report is exceptional as well. I am fully satisfied and recommend the company. Marty in Knoxville (October 2021)

– Marty E.

Melissa was very thorough and explained the inspection with great detail. (October 2021)

– Russell L.

Answered all guestions for me.Very knowledgeable (October 2021)

– Sadie D.

Very thorough through the process, explained issues to us during the process. Very knowledgeable, would absolutely use again and recommend to others. (September 2021)

– Ann & Justin M.

Very detailed inspection report, and all inspectors were very knowledgeable and helpful during the inspection. (August 2021)

– Ethan R.

Very thorough report. Agent spent time reviewing and explaining each detail. (August 2021)

– David C. & Katherine G.

Extremely thorough with the inspection and with the full review of the report. The report, pictures and final review with a phone call detailing each item was top notch. (August 2021)

– Kelly A.

Melisa was very professional, answered all of our questions and we are very pleased with her inspection and report promptness. (August 2021)

– Stephanie H.

Personnel are professional and also treated you as a member of the community. Answered all my questions and kept me informed. When the inspection was completed did not waste time on informing me about the results and some recommendations on how to fix something. (July 2021)

– Jack W.

House Masters has done 3 of my home inspections and they are just great! Very dependable company! (July 2021)

– Cainan S.

They were very professional. Very helpful. (July 2021)

– Mark C.

Personable people - called to go over report !! Would use again for sure (June 2021)

– Michael R.

Promp and courteous service. Very knowledgeable. (June 2021)

– Brian & Dorothy F.

This is our 6th home purchase. We have been involved both as a buyer and a seller. My last 2 sales I paid an inspector to come out and inspect the houses before putting them on the market. I then left the Inspection Report on the Kitchen Counter and noted the few needed repairs as having been fixed at the residence with instructions to the Realtor to go over the report as they were showing the house. Joe and Melissa came out on a Saturday and it just so happened that it was Raining. This was the perfect time since they were able to locate several issues that would not have been so obvious on a dry day. Their report of the foundation issues convinced us to walk away from this house and ultimately saved us $20,000 in repairs. We were 750 miles away and were trusting our Realtor to find us a keeper. This one meet all the requirements we asked of our Realtor. The LIPSTICK AND MASCARA on a recently gutted and repaired residence showed it to be in turn key condition. The inspection found it to be sorely lacking in just about every way. Joe and Melissa were very thorough in their 45 minute telephone and computerized report. They left no doubt there was no reason for us to travel 750 miles to see this house. Thank you both and we will talk to you on the next one. (April 2021)

– Charles T.

very friendly very professional, you take time to answer questions and show us what you are seeing so we already know what we are looking at when we get the report. (April 2021)

– Jeffrey & Sarah D.

Very thorough and pictures helpful. Very kind and professional. Helpful with making decision on issues. Thank you for what you do, because buying a home is stressful enough. (April 2021)

– Kim & Dennis T.

I cannot recommend House Master's highly enough. Thorough, efficient, and extremely detail oriented, the House Masters took incredibly detailed pictures and notes of every nook and cranny of the house. They also took the time to explain each issue to me, discuss possible options, and advise me on how to proceed. I highly recommend this great team. (March 2021)

– Daniel & Ashley B.

It was a huge surprise to me that the inspectors both encouraged and allowed me to be present during the inspection. They answered and clarified my questions, and took the time to ensure I fully understood the condition of my new house- even offered remedy advice. They also gave me a full report to look back upon, which was perfectly thorough yet concise. I will absolutely remain in contact, as HouseMaster offers a variety of additional services to help me into my new home. Such an unexpected burden lifted off my shoulders. If considering which inspection company to choose from, I'd look no further than HouseMaster. You will get a thorough inspection, knowledgeable &amp; polite staff, and a sense of security from calling the best in the biz. I am sure you will be surprised as me when they exceed your expectations. -Jack (March 2021)

– Jack P.

This was the most thorough home inspection report I've ever seen. I really appreciate the time you took to walk through it with us since we weren't able to attend the inspection ourselves. That conversation helped to put the results into perspective. (January 2021)

– Timothy S.

Absolute professionals! They were on time, courteous, very informative, and received my report in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend their services! (January 2021)

– Jason P.

You are very through, honest, share and explain findings. I would recommend you and your daughter to anyone who needs a whole house inspection so they do not have surprises after moving into a new house. You are always professional and courteous to all you work with and for. Your services are above reproach. (January 2021)

– Carolyn J. & John Z.

Joe was knowledgeable and exceeded expectations (January 2021)

– Pam D.

Recommend Score: 10 - Extremely Likely. Recommend Comment: Joe and his assistant were very explanatory and very thorough in the house inspection. They presented themselves as professionals as they well were professional. I plan to use their services again and will promote their business to everyone in need of a true professionals in home inspection. Transaction Satisfaction: 10 - Extremely Satisfied. Improvement Comment: I cannot think of anything they can improve on. They are a 10. (May 2016)

– P.S.

Prompt. Efficient. Personable. Knowledgeable. Highly recommend. (December 2020)

– Kathy R.

The inspectors were personable and precise with their reports. (November 2020)

– Zachary O.

It was very comprehensive. Our inspector called to explain everything to us. (October 2020)

– Brent & Samantha M.

Detail , fast result and informatif recommendations (October 2020)

– Felix K.

Through inspection very profesional. (October 2020)

– Wanda & Tim S.

Scheduling, friendly and knowledgeable staff. (September 2020)

– Tobias K.

Very good. Very thorough and appreciated the in person explanations of what you found. (September 2020)

– K'Cindra C.

Friendly, quick and detailed reports (September 2020)

– Robin S.

Very thorough with details and very knowledgeable (August 2020)

– Mark F.

Very well done. Very detailed. All very well explained. Super professional. (August 2020)

– Dorys P.B.

Trained certified inspectors Family business Attention to detail Explained every aspect Friendly and professional Additional support programs such as concierge service for utility connections, discounts on other services, a home inventory program to keep your assets organized Guarantee of services rendered (August 2020)

– David B.

The thoroughness and friendly interaction. Joe showed me how to use appliances I was not familiar with. Every negative thing was explained concisely and honestly. The cloud is an amazing tool that we plan to utilize for quick and easy access to important documents and information. I felt like he treated my new home with respect and the same courtesy as he would his own home ... he left no detail out. (August 2020)

– Heather H.

A very thorough and detail oriented team! Every issue was flawlessly discussed. Quick service getting the report to me. (August 2020)

– Vicki B.

Very thorough with a personal touch! (August 2020)

– Traci S.

Melissa and Joe are the best! (July 2020)

– Chris & Sonya H.

I love, love, love the feature where you can quickly prepare a repair list! You can easily choose the items you want repaired and share the list with others. What a time saver. Thank you! (July 2020)

– Kim G.

Joe and his team are always reliable. They have a good communication style with buyers and a good comprehensive program to educate buyers on upkeep of property. (July 2020)

– Anita V.S.

Professional and thorough with their inspection. They took the time to go over ever little thing with me and answered all of my questions. I enjoyed how simple it was to read the inspection report as well. Would 100% recommend and will use again for any inspection needs! (July 2020)

– Joel & Amanda B.

Very helpful on telling me where everything is and explaining everything they found wrong and what todo to fix it. (July 2020)

– Chandra L.

Joe and Melissa are very knowledgeable and meticulous about their inspection. The also explained things thoroughly and did not waste any time. (July 2020)

– Peggy L.

They are very thorough with the inspection, nothing will go unnoticed. And you can tell they are very knowledgable about what it takes to have a quality home. This is my second time using them for an inspection for these reasons. And they also recognize their loyal clients by giving them a discount for reusing the service. (July 2020)

– Kirk E.

Trustworthy, detail oriented, efficient. Love all of the extra services House Master provides to customers as well. (March 2020)

– Cyndi S.

Very knowledgeable about all the workings of a home. No detail was missed. Very helpful answering questions and advising on future problems. Joe went above and beyond my expectations. The final report was very detailed with pictures and explanations. I highly recommend Housmaster. (March 2020)

– Nathan V.

The inspection was very thorough, and they welcomed questions and explained everything very well. (March 2020)

– David S.

They are professional in their inspections and in their dealing with clients. The report is available promptly. I have always appreciated the care they have taken of my clients. (February 2020)

– Mary C.

Joe and his team are very knowledgeable and thorough. They explain things in a way that is easy to understand so I know exactly what needs to be done to correct the issues they identified. I've used Housemaster for 4 home inspections to date, and I have been very satisfied each time. (February 2020)

– Malissa M. & Katherine P.

Very professional and thorough. Offer services for maintenance beyond the inspection. (February 2020)

– Jennifer & Roger F.

You always try and make our inspections are done quickly and always a great job. (February 2020)

– Janis C.

Felt we received a thorough inspection. Report was clear and pictures provided were high quality. The follow-up over the phone was timely, friendly and professional. We were made to feel all of our questions were important, and we were never dismissed and rushed. Also, we were told they were there to answer any questions going forward. We have no problem recommending them to friends/neighbors/family. (March 2022)

– Beverly & Richard H.



What we inspect: Visible roof covering materials, (shingles), flashings at roof penetrations and valleys, skylights, chimneys, gutters and downspouts. We assess the condition of these elements for proper function; looking for evidence of leakage or worn, damaged, or missing components. Watch us in action!


Here is what we inspect: Visible siding and trim, windows, doors, garages, porches, decks, stairs, and railings. We assess the elements for proper construction and function; looking for damage, missing components or other conditions that might lead to infiltration or functional concerns. Watch us in action!


What we inspect: visible areas of all walls, ceilings, stairways, representative windows and doors, and attic areas for signs of leakage and damage, sagging or other structural concerns. Windows will be operated to determine function. In accessible attics, besides assessing structural components, we will note insulation and ventilation conditions. Watch us in action!


What we inspect: Visible load-bearing framing components, foundation walls, slabs, piers and columns and major structural components. Visible, accessible structural components will be assessed for function and presence of damage, decay or defects. We look for water penetration at below grade areas. Watch us in action!


What we inspect: Plumbing fixtures and built-in appliances. We check plumbing fixtures looking for water pressure or drainage issues and visible signs of leaks. We check basic operational modes of the appliances and ventilators and look at cabinets and countertops for significant deficiencies.  Watch us in action!


What we inspect: Visible components of the central AC or heat pump system including condensers and air handlers, and the distribution ductwork. We operate the system to assess function and condition of the accessible indoor/ outdoor components. The distribution system will also be assessed. Watch us in action!


What we inspect: Visible components of the central AC or heat pump system including condensers and air handlers, and the distribution ductwork. We operate the system to assess function and condition of the accessible indoor/ outdoor components. The distribution system will also be assessed. Watch us in action!


What we inspect: Visible service panels components and household wiring and devices. We assess the condition of readily accessible panel components, note the presence of GFCIs, AFCIs, smoke alarms and check the operation of representative outlets, switches, fixtures and other devices. Watch us in action!


What we inspect: Visible water supply piping, distribution piping, waste system piping, water heaters and plumbing fixtures. Also includes inspection of the physical condition of piping, kitchen and bathroom fixtures; tubs, showers, toilets, and operation to assess flow, drainage and leakage. Water heating components will also be assessed. Watch us in action!



A short-term test is performed to determine the possible presence of elevated levels of radon gas pursuant to local regulations or practices for real estate transactions. Radon is an odorless, colorless and radioactive byproduct of natural soil decay known to increase the risk of cancer in those exposed.


Water testing services include taking a water sample following accepted protocols with analysis of samples performed by a certified lab. General options include a basic water Potability test for Coliform (bacteria) and other elements such as Nitrate/Nitrite, Hardness, Acidity (pH). Expanded testing options may include volatile organic compounds (fuels), heavy metals (lead, etc.) or other elements required or recommended by local authorities or common practice such as when a property is located in close proximity to agricultural land, mining, dry cleaning establishments, gas stations, industrial facilities, landfills, or other known or suspected local hazards exist.


What we inspect:  Inspection includes the visible (above water) pool and or spa elements including assessment of the physical condition of accessible decking, coping , walkways, and other surfaces. exposed electric and plumbing components, the filter and heater, if applicable. Watch us in action!


Screening includes: air and/or surface (bulk) sampling to determine presence of elevated levels of mold spores or verify presence of a mold growth.  Includes one air sample in one interior area and one outdoor control sample, with surface sampling of random or requested suspect mold growths. Processed by a qualified lab to determine results.


Inspections include: inspection of the visible and readily accessible areas of the roof, structure, mechanical and electric components of the public areas of a building, as well as all or representative individual dwelling or office/store units, as requested by the client.


This inspection involves: a review of the condition of the exterior and interior components of a home and the systems. Includes review of the roof, flashings, insulation issues, heating and air conditioning units, grading, the proper function of appliances and plumbing, electric components, smoke alarms for deferred maintenance and recommended action. 


Sampling of suspected asbestos containing material can be done and analyzed by an approved laboratory. Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally in the environment is made up of long, thin fibers that look similar to fiberglass. Found in many manufactured products prior to the mid-1980 such as pipe insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, paints, caulking, fire resistant clothing and brake pads. Exposure to asbestos in the form of fibers is always considered dangerous. Working with, or exposure to, material that is friable (damaged), or materials that could cause a release of loose asbestos fibers, is considered high risk.