As a real estate agent, your number-one goal is to help your buyer achieve a smooth transaction. You are patiently helping them navigate the largest—and quite possibly the most difficult—financial decision they will ever make. Buyers are filled with worry and anticipation as you help them select a home that will become the center of their life. The natural antidote to worry is knowledge. Recommending HouseMaster home inspections will result in an inspection experience that will help your buyer feel confident they are making an informed decision, and that confidence will help you achieve your goal of a smooth transaction.

Here are five benefits you'll realize when your buyers choose HouseMaster home inspections:

  1. Professional communication creates a smooth transaction. One of the biggest concerns real estate agents have about inspections is that they can raise more questions than answers, causing additional concern and stress for all parties. Communication is the key to relieving this fear and achieving a smooth transaction, and all HouseMaster inspectors are trained in professional written and verbal communications.
  2.  An educated buyer has confidence in their purchase decision. HouseMaster home inspections are designed to be an educational experience for the buyer, who receives so much more than just a report. The HouseMaster inspector takes the time to educate your buyer about the condition of the home, review maintenance they should be aware of, demonstrate and teach them how to operate the systems within the home, and answer their questions. The HouseMaster inspection experience gives your buyer confidence in their purchase decision—confidence that will help you get more referrals.
  3.  Working with your schedule saves you valuable time. HouseMaster home inspections can generally be scheduled with as little as 48 hours' notice, and sometimes your HouseMaster inspector can accommodate same-day scheduling. Once the inspection has started, your HouseMaster inspector will work systematically yet efficiently, because your time and your buyer's time are valuable.
  4.  An exceptional inspection includes accurate and current information. HouseMaster inspectors are trained through The National Institute of Building Inspectors® (NIBI®) or an equivalent program to ensure your buyer receives an exceptional experience. HouseMaster inspectors have access to one of the most experienced technical teams and support networks in the industry. The HouseMaster team includes over 300 inspectors in the US and Canada, providing an extensive knowledge network and the highest level of expertise to ensure your buyer has accurate and current information in the inspection report. Collectively, HouseMaster home inspectors have inspected over three million homes.
  5.  Protection for you, the agent, gives you peace of mind. HouseMaster indemnifies you as an agent through the HouseMaster Referral Liability* program. Your buyer is also protected through the HouseMaster Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee*. Each HouseMaster inspector is backed by professional liability insurance. With so many people involved in the home-buying transaction, the protection provided by your HouseMaster inspector gives you peace of mind.

Referring your buyers to HouseMaster for their home-inspection needs will help you achieve your goal of a smooth transaction. Your buyers will have confidence in their purchase decision and receive accurate and current information, positioning them as a source of referrals for you for years to come. You will save time, and best of all, have peace of mind.

*Available where permitted. Review program terms and conditions available from your local HouseMaster office.