The Value Of A HouseMaster Pre-Listing Inspection

Sellers who arrange for a HouseMaster Pre-Listing Inspection enjoy several marketing, legal, and financial advantages.


Once your HouseMaster Pre-Listing Inspection is complete, a prominent HouseMaster Pre-Inspected Logo can be posted on your on-line listing and a lawn sign can be placed on your lawn. Prospective buyers and real estate agents will understand a home that has had a prelisting inspection's unique benefit over other similar homes.

Buyers and agents touring the home are reminded that a recent professional HouseMaster pre-listing inspection report is available for review. A HouseMaster Pre-Inspection can give your home the edge! And buyers definitely appreciate knowing the condition of the major elements of the home upfront.


The legal implications of seller disclosure requirements often put sellers in a difficult position. If a condition is found after a home has sold and was not disclosed, sellers may be asked to "prove" they were unaware of the problem - not an easy task.

Local laws in many areas now have formal requirements that sellers disclose the condition of the home being sold. Court rulings regarding disclosure are another but less predictable source of pressure on the seller. Your local HouseMaster professional has the expertise to assist in documenting a home's condition. Having your home pre-inspected by a HouseMaster inspector provides you with the peace of mind that you have done all you could to disclose your home's condition. It can also help avoid post sale litigation once you've settled into your new destination.


One of the most significant benefits of having your home inspected by your local HouseMaster office is the ability to enjoy an upper hand in negotiations. 

By having a professional home inspection report available to the buyer, sellers can now encourage condition-free offers by making the necessary repairs at reasonable cost and listing the home-"as-is".

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