Training and Ongoing Technical Support

Since 1986 the National Institute of Building Inspectors has been providing quality initial and on-going inspector training to the inspection industry. In many regions, the requirements to be a home inspector are minimal, if they exist at all.

Keep in mind that there is no single background that fully qualifies an individual to evaluate all major systems that may exist in a home. Although individuals with engineering or construction experience may seem qualified to perform home inspections based solely on their experience in these fields, performing a home inspection requires specialized training in and of itself, which is precisely why the training and testing program by the National Institute of Building Inspectors was developed.

When selecting a home inspection firm, make sure the inspector has been formally trained by a recognized training organization such as NIBI ®, The National Institute of Building Inspectors.* This type of professional training assures you that your inspector is trained in the necessary areas of residential construction and understands the home inspection process.

In addition to training from the National Institute of Building Inspectors or a similarly qualified organization, you should also make sure that your inspector has access to on-going technical support. HouseMaster's corporate staff has over 18 years of field experience - providing a source our local field inspectors can rely on to keep abreast of changes in construction and the home inspection industry. Every local HouseMaster inspector has the benefit of our full-time support staff to assist with technical questions and issues.

*HouseMaster founded NIBI in 1987 in an effort to standardize training and testing for HouseMaster franchises. Today NIBI training and on-going support is open to all home inspectors via classroom or on-line training. Visit the NIBI Website for more information on training opportunities. HouseMaster continues its affiliation with NIBI today.