Post-close Home Inspection 

Why Should You Schedule A Home Inspection After Closing? 

You just bought a home in a hot selling market. As a new home buyer, you were thinking of scheduling a home inspection after closing so you can get a report on your new home's condition.  

If you can't have an inspection done during the home buying process, schedule it after closing. Now that you're the homeowner, you'll want to discover any problems with your new purchase and learn about any potential health and safety issues so you can address them. The advantages of having a home inspection done after buying a home include the ability to: 

1 - Identify and Address Any Health and Safety Issues 

A HouseMaster home inspection can discover possible safety issues threatening your family's health. No matter the size of the home, the major systems are checked in all parts of the house, such as heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems.  

Mold, Radon gas, and Carbon Monoxide are a few health hazards that certified home inspectors can help identify by evaluating the condition of the home. A professionally certified home inspector will also provide recommendations in the inspection report for dealing with these safety issues before they can cause any future harm. 

Don't forget to ask your home inspector about other services such as  sewer scope and water testing. 

2 - Uncover Items for Repair Before Moving In

A thorough home inspection can help uncover hidden issues with your new home that might not have been noticeable during a routine walk-through.  

This allows you to proactively address issues with critical systems, like the water heater, HVAC system, improper wiring, major structural problems, roof damage, or mold in homes. And once you move in, you'll have peace of mind to enjoy your new home without stressing about renovations. 

3 - Build a Home Maintenance Check-Up Budget and Plan for Future Home Improvements

Your home can benefit from routine maintenance and service. Along with a thorough home inspection report, a professionally certified home inspector can also take you on a tour of your new home with the inspection checklist to demonstrate how it all works while offering tips for pending maintenance and upkeep. 

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