Two Inspections Are Better Than One

When you dream of buying a NEW home, you imagine everything being perfect. The reality is that the result is made up of many people working together, with someone ensuring that you receive the proper information and guidance throughout the entire home buying process.

To achieve this, you need someone knowledgeable in all stages of construction and working with your best interests in mind.

Our team of HouseMaster Home Inspectors are experienced and trained to help guide you through the inspection process. Our comprehensive inspection services help prospective home buyers make informed buying decisions.

You can utilize HouseMaster home inspection services during two different stages of construction.

  • The first inspection is a Pre-Drywall inspection that ensures all structure features have been installed correctly and are compliant.
  • The second consists of the Final Inspection (Complete Home Inspection).

Because local code officials only review certain parts of the home, they don't have the time to conduct a detailed inspection. The earlier you can have a home inspected by a professional service, the better off you will be once you move in. That is why you should have a New Construction inspection. Also referred to as a Phase inspection. There are two different phases.

First inspection: Pre-Drywall

The earlier you get an inspector involved, the more they can do for you. Local code officials only review certain parts of the home and don't have the time to conduct the same thorough inspections that third-party inspectors can.

  • This first inspection is completed when the house is considered "roughed in." This means all framing has been completed, and typically the windows, exterior doors, and roof have been installed.
  • The inspection ensures the house is constructed sufficiently to keep out the elements. At this stage, the framing, plumbing, and electric lines can be inspected before being covered with insulation and drywall.


Final Inspection (Complete Home Inspection)

The final inspection consists of a thorough evaluation of the readily accessible significant elements of the home (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, appliances, etc.).

  • It includes a written inspection report documenting the findings.
  • A HouseMaster home inspection covers 16 essential areas, including all major functioning or visible elements and systems, plus hundreds of associated components.

We also inspect for more common problems once all utilities are turned on. Every receptacle is checked to ensure they are wired properly. In addition, all doors and windows will be checked to ensure they open and close easily. The attic will be inspected to ensure adequate insulation has been installed. At HouseMaster, we aim to ensure you get the thorough, professional home inspection you deserve to purchase your new home with confidence.

When is the Best Time to Get Your New Construction Inspected?

You can decide on a home inspection any time during the process, and they can be scheduled for two phases: pre-drywall and after construction completion.

Is a New Construction Home Inspection Included in the Contract?

In a new construction sale, your contract typically includes a final walk-through but typically does not include a home inspection. Check your fine print before assuming it's included.


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