Real estate has never been more competitive and today's consumers expect the best from all service providers involved in their transaction. Research has also shown that consumers often become loyal sources of on-going referrals.

Knowing the condition of the home they are purchasing can often make a buyer more confident about their purchase because they feel they've made an informed decision. This helps build the real estate professional's stature and potential for future referrals.

As a matter of fact, in one survey, top producers estimated that 65% of their business comes as a result of repeat business and referrals from past clients and customers. So it's always important to remember that today's customer is tomorrow's advertisement.

How HouseMaster inspectors can help your customers stay satisfied.

    • HouseMaster inspectors are thorough, professional, and report on all the conditions of the home including strengths and weaknesses. And their service is backed by the HouseMaster Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee (where available). This Limited Inspection Guarantee assures that our inspectors will do their very best on each and every inspection. To review the details, terms and conditions of this Limited Guarantee, contact your local HouseMaster office.


  • HouseMaster inspectors are both technically proficient and professional in the way they carry out their inspections. Our inspectors are provided training through NIBI (The National Institute of Building Inspectors), or an equivalent professional training organization. This type of professional inspector training assures you that your inspector is proficient in the necessary areas of residential construction and understands the property inspection process.


*HouseMaster founded NIBI in 1987 in an effort to standardize training and testing for HouseMaster inspectors. Today NIBI training and on-going testing is open to all property inspectors via classroom or on-line training. Visit for more information on NIBI training opportunities. NIBI is a registered trademark of HI Training, LLC.