Poke. Poke. Poke. What was once the goofiest features of Facebook, is now irrelevant. But, social media and Facebook are not. More than 1.79 billion active monthly users, Facebook is too big to be ignored. Likewise, other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) are creating waves among consumers and the industry is establishing itself as a necessity for all businesses. 

Social media can provide dividends for all businesses by building relationships and boosting sales. Decide how you want to use social media and what platform(s) are best to work with your strategy. Although each platform is different, they all do similar things. Here are four trending features on social media that will help you grow your real estate business, gain new customers, and thrive. 

  1. Go Live with Video

Live video became all the rage in 2016 and now all major platforms have a way to stream live video from your phone to your audience and followers. Live videos are viewed three times longer on Facebook than regular uploaded videos and reach more viewers organically.

Set yourself apart from other agents by delivering personal, original content directly to your followers and customers. Live stream a tour of one of your properties for potential buyers to view from the comfort of their couch. Or, go live and answer common questions of first time home buyers. There are many ways you use live video on whichever platform you already have the biggest following.

  1. Tell Your Own Story 

This is a great way to show and share pictures of a property and tell its story with your followers. Instagram and Snapchat have a "story" feature where you can add a series of photos together to be visible to your followers for 24 hours, or on Facebook, you can create and share photos in an album highlighting a topic or property. Stories can also be used to share tips and how-to videos explaining how to use your company’s website or app to search for properties.  

  1. Use #Hashtags 

Hashtags are a great way to search and group the content you share, and become a part of the conversation on social media. Be discovered by potential customers by using already popular hashtags and posting about industry trends. Hashtag the name of the neighborhood where a property is located, or #JustListed, #HouseHunting, #OpenHouse. All of these tags have the potential to bring in additional followers and customers.

  1. Drop A Pin – Geotag Locations

Tag the location of your property when posting information about it. This will give followers context about the property and allow them to research the neighborhood, surrounding areas, and schools. Doing this also allows followers to connect with your post in a unique way if they are familiar with the area. Geotagging can be done in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or go the extra mile and create a customer filter for an open house on Snapchat.

Don't go the way of the dinosaur (or Facebook's Poke Feature), stay on top of these trends!