Although many of today’s homes have security systems, there are further steps a homeowner can take to help prevent intrusion.

Make sure a home appears occupied is an easy way to divert uninvited guests.

  • Invitations to intrusion include:
    • Notes on the door
    • Un-shoveled snow
    • An un-mowed lawn
    • Accumulations of mail or newspapers,
    • Total interior darkness before a normal bedtime 
    • An empty driveway
    • Carport with no vehicles present
  • Make the house look lived in even when away:
    • Alternating timed lighting  
    • Having neighbors pick up the newspaper or mail is a critical security measure. 
    • Keep doors and windows locked, especially at basement and first-floor levels or where the home is accessible from a tree, porch or other structure
    • Inside doors that lead to the basement or garage should also be kept locked