Q: How do I start sending my reports to versus

A:  First, you must make sure you have a HouseMaster Cloud account. You can register at (top right, “Register” button)

Once you have created your account, contact to set up an appointment to get on boarded.

Q: Once I’m signed up with HouseMaster Cloud, how do I add my inspectors?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your HouseMaster Cloud Account.
  2. Click “Dashboard” --> ”Company Directory.”
  3. Once there, click on “New Company User” at the bottom.
  4. Fill out user information and give them “Inspector,” “Office Manager,” or both roles as applicable. Click “Create User.”
  5. On the inspector’s computer, make sure HomeGauge is closed. Go to and download the file listed in step one of the linked tutorial.
  6. Run the file and click “Yes” or “OK” on each prompt you receive.
  7. If your inspector uses the HomeGauge Companion, schedule a setup appointment by emailing


Q: My HomeGauge Companion isn’t uploading after I switched to the Cloud. Why?

A: Please email to have us switch your settings file on your Companion.

Q: Can I choose which agents get a copy of reports based on my client’s instructions?

A: Yes.

  1. Login to your Cloud Account.
  2. Select: “PROFILE” and add to your preferences.
  3. There are three options to send reports to buyer agents, seller agents, and any other agents that don’t have a role specified. Unchecking the box on any of these will require you or the customer to grant them permission to view the report.

Q: Do customers still go to to retrieve their reports?

A: NO. Once you turn on the Cloud—and your reports are being hosted in the Cloud—you need to change your settings on so that the “ACCESS REPORT” button that appears on will take them to the Cloud site. Or, they can simply go directly to to access their report. All emails regarding their report will direct them there.

Q: Once I’m signed up with HouseMaster Cloud, how do I change the “Access Report” button on to point to HouseMaster Cloud?

A:  Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your website account (“Franchisee Login” link in bottom footer of – use the “Forget Password?” provided reset link if needed)
  2. Go to your dashboard and under “Account Info” click “Edit Account Info.” The “Edit Account” form with appear.
  3. Make sure the “Point ‘Access Report’ link at HouseMaster Cloud” checkbox is selected and click the “Update” button.
  4. When a customer/agent looks up your location, the “Access Report” button will now take them directly to from

Q: How is the username for my customer or real estate agent generated?

A:  The username for all users is the email address you associated with the record. If you are creating the account through the ISN integration using the “Today’s Inspections” feature, then the Client’s username would be the email entered into the “Client Email” Field on the ISN Inspection Order Record.

If the cloud account is being created once the report is uploaded, the username will be the email you entered into HomeGauge associated with the customer. This is the same for Agent’s usernames. They are pulled either from what the inspector entered into HomeGauge or what was entered in the email field under the Buyer’s Agent or Listing Agent’s record. It is extremely important that the email address is spelled correctly. The number one reason for a client or agent not receiving reports is a misspelled email.

Q: How is the password for my customer or real estate agent generated, and why is it so long?

A: The passwords to HouseMaster Cloud are generated randomly from a prepopulated word list. The password will contain four words. The passwords are longer than they have been in the past to comply with the additional security required for the Cloud, because of the personal information and sensitive documents being hosted there.

Q:  How do I add additional inspection or test results i.e., radon test results, mold screening results, etc.?

A:  Navigate to the report on HouseMaster Cloud. Once there, under the “Report Attachments” list, click “New Report Attachment.” Any attachment that is with the report when it is uploaded will show in this section.

Q: How does uploading appliance serial number photos work? Who processes them?

A: When you upload the photo, our office support team will work to secure the details and provide a result. Our goal is to get this completed within 15 minutes during business hours (8-9 EST).  We are working to improve this process.

Q:  Why does the photo of the home come from Google Maps?

A: It is complicated to pull the photo from the report. In some cases, there will be no report to pull a photo from (i.e. if a customer signed up for HouseMaster Cloud without having an inspection done). We have plans in development to allow you to upload a photo in place of the Google Maps photo. We will notify you when this feature is available.

Q:  How can I tell if my customer/agents have looked at reports?

A: Once logged into your HouseMaster Cloud Account, go to the dashboard and choose “Reports.” You can open any report and see who has viewed it and who hasn’t.

Q: Why doesn’t the agent picture come over from ISN?

A: Unfortunately, our integration with ISN does not provide the agent’s photo along with his/her information. We are working to make this an easier process for you to upload and view these pictures.

Q: Why isn’t the feature I requested recently implemented yet?

A: Each request is reviewed and arranged on a priority list based on occurrences,  business impact, and additional factors. We are working hard to ensure all features are reviewed and implemented as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I have more than one account with the same email address?

A: No. Each account must have its own email address.

Q: How can I add my Real Estate Agents to HouseMaster Cloud?

A: The best way to add real estate agents to the Cloud is to do so as you produce inspections for them.

If you want to add them without a report:

  1. Find their contact in HomeGauge, double click on it, navigate to the “HomeGauge User Name” tab and click “Create User Name.”
  2. It will alert you that the username is already created. It’s true that it was created in the HomeGauge dashboard, but we need to create a new one for HouseMaster Cloud.
  3. They will then get emails with their username and password, and will be able to create an account in HouseMaster Cloud for free!


Q: Can I change the message that goes out to my customers and agents when they get their report?

A:  No. The emails that are scheduled are part of a mapped email drip campaign that is strategic and focuses on the benefits and features of HouseMaster Cloud, targeting both the customer and agent. If you have suggestions that you feel could benefit the system, we would love to hear them.

Q:  Do customers and agents get notified when a new document, such as a lab test result, is added to the Cloud?

A: Yes.

Q: What email notifications do the customer and agent receive?

A: As soon their account is created, the customer receives an email welcoming them to the Cloud, and contains their username (their email address) and password. The customer will also receive a second email notification as soon as the report is uploaded. You can see an example of each email below.

 Cloud Emails


Q: When an unpaid report gets uploaded, but I chose the option in ISN to deliver it anyway, will it be delivered to the client?

A: No. Unfortunately, ISN does not communicate those exceptions to us. You have the option in each inspector’s profile to either block or allow access to unpaid reports. In either case, if you have an exception to your default, you will need to manually adjust it by either locking or unlocking the report in your “Reports” section of HouseMaster Cloud.

Q: Why are my buyer agents not showing up on the customer’s home overview page?

A: This feature is setup to use the buyer’s agent included on the report in HomeGauge. However, in most cases, agents are being uploaded from HomeGauge with no role applied.

In order to set the agent’s role:

  1. Click on the “Set Role” button by the “Real Estate Pros” list in HomeGauge and set them as the "Buyer Agent”. If you are using ISN, you can skip adding agents on the report in HomeGauge. They will be set using the agent information from ISN.