When a buyer chooses to waive their home inspection during the purchase process, they should instead have an inspection after the sale is finalized. A post-closing home inspection will help buyers learn more about their new home in these three key areas.

1 - Identify and Address Any Health and Safety Issues

A home inspection can alert new homeowners to any current and potential safety issues, such as damaged wiring, inoperable smoke/CO2 alarms, trip hazards and more. In their report, the home inspector will explain the basis of the concern and provide a recommendation for what type of service professional can help remedy the situation.

2 – Understand Which Elements May Need Repair or Replacement

It’s never a good thing when you turn on your home’s heating system for the season and discover it doesn’t work. A thorough home inspection can uncover issues with the home and its’ critical systems that might not have been noticeable during a buyer walk-through. The inspector will also note on the inspection report if a system is at or near the end of its expected life so homeowners can budget for replacement.

3 – Make a Plan for Regular Home Maintenance

The level of maintenance on a home is a significant factor in maintaining or increasing property value. Left unchecked, minor concerns can quickly grow into significant, sometimes expensive, problems. Along with a thorough home inspection report, the home inspector can help buyers understand how their home’s systems work and answer questions about regular maintenance and upkeep.

Why Schedule A Home Inspection After Closing?

A home is a significant investment, and well worth taking care of. A post-closing home inspection will help give new homeowners peace of mind by identifying safety concerns, uncovering elements that may need repair or replacement, and helping owners develop a plan for regular home maintenance.

At HouseMaster Home Inspections serving Northern California, our standard home inspection (before or after closing) includes the roof, attic, siding, exterior spaces, attached garage, crawl space or foundation, bathrooms, kitchen, windows, walls, ceilings, doors, and mechanical systems including heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing and water heater.

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