Flood risk is a topic that is causing a lot of concern and confusion right now – especially in California where recent news reports about a potential “megaflood” have many homeowners questioning whether their home is in a flood zone. (The truth is, every home is in a flood zone, but not every home is in a Special Flood Hazard Area, or SFHA, which means flood insurance may be required.)

Home buyers often turn to free online tools for assessing flood risk, but many of these sources are inaccurate, resulting in homeowners having to purchase unnecessary flood insurance -- or worse, being in a SFHA without the protection of flood insurance.

On the other hand, when the flood zone determination is left up to the lender, it’s typically received by potential home buyers very late in the home buying process and can come with a directive from the lender that flood insurance is required – surprise!

By obtaining a Flood Zone Determination (aka, a “Flood Cert”) along with a home inspection, buyers (and sellers) can confirm early on in the home buying or selling process a structure’s flood zone status.

Flood Zone Determination Reports Now Available

HouseMaster serving Northern California has partnered with Western Technologies Group, LLC (WTG), an industry leader in structure-based Flood Zone Determinations, to provide our clients with an official Flood Zone Determination Report based on current FEMA flood zone maps, with the added insight of preliminary map data included, if available. WTG’s reports deliver pinpoint accuracy, absolute visual clarity as to the location of any structures in relation to high-risk flood zones, expert support and guidance, and the protection of $3M E&O insurance.

Plus, each report includes free support from WTG’s expert team of Certified Floodplain Managers and GIS specialists. Clients (and their agents or attorneys) have the option to contact WTG’s experts directly to discuss specific questions about their WTG Flood Zone Determination Report and receive guidance on any options that may be available to them.

To purchase, simply ask for a Flood Zone Determination report when ordering your home inspection with us. Contact us for more information about this service from HouseMaster Home Inspections serving Northern California.