We have been watching the situation regarding COVID-19 and we are adapting to the daily changes we are seeing to make sure we follow all state and local recommendations.

Some of the precautions we are taking during this time include wearing gloves, or using towels or cloths when touching surfaces.  We are washing our hands and/or sanitizing our hands frequently. With each inspection, we even wipe down our mobile phones and other equipment to be safe.

Fortunately, the nature of home inspections does not require close person-to-person proximity.  Preferably, there will be no attendees at the inspections, if the home seller is present we will ensure we maintain a safe distance as we move through the inspection.  Our online inspection reports include detailed explanations of our findings and digital images which make the report clear and easy to understand.  

In addition, we are also utilizing technology whenever possible, to connect with buyers and sellers to review report findings.  Ask your local inspector about doing a virtual walkthrough of the house if questions remain.  

Curious about how we are handling home inspections today?  Check out our explainer video here!