Waiting until a buyer does their home inspection is fraught with issues, which is why many deals are delayed or canceled due to issues discovered during the buyer's home inspection process.

Smart home sellers and top listing agents no longer wait. They get a pre-inspection to minimize negotiations, reduce risk, and make informed decisions before listing a home for sale. MINIMIZE NEGOTIATIONS

Home buyers often look to their home inspection report to re-negotiate the purchase price or terms of the contract. They may ask for defects to be repaired or receive a discounted purchase price A seller inspection allows one to disclose the home's condition up front and minimize or eliminate re-negotiations.


If an issue is found after a home has been sold that was not disclosed, sellers may be asked to "prove" they were unaware of the problem — not an easy task. A seller's inspection can supplement the Seller Disclosure Information to document any known defects, reducing the potential for non-disclosure liability.

For additional peace of mind, your local HouseMaster office provides protection** against buyer claims to sellers who have opted to have their home pre-inspected by HouseMaster.

**Seller Liability Protection Program. Terms and Conditions Apply


Suppose conditions are uncovered that concern a home buyer. In that case, the homeowner can opt out of the purchase or choose to make and document repairs based on the inspection report to improve the property's condition.

A homeowner can also o forego any repairs and market the property "as is." The inspection report can demonstrate to a potential buyer that the home's condition has been considered in the listing price.


Our seller inspection service includes an optional buyer walkthrough for an additional fee.

The Buyer Walkthrough Includes:

  • Review the details of the inspection report (either onsite or virtually)
  • Demo how to operate specific home systems
  • Provide maintenance suggestions
  • Answer questions related to the inspection


The written inspection report will be posted to your online HouseMaster Cloud Account. Receipts, contractor information, and other details of repairs made by the homeowner can be attached to the report.

Sellers can share the report, and associated documents online or transfer the account to the new home buyer, who can then use all the features of the HouseMaster Cloud, including our exclusive Buyer Benefits savings and HouseMaster Connects utility connection service.


HouseMaster has offered a comprehensive and successful inspection program to both buyers and sellers for more than four decades. The outcome is simple — faster deals, fewer hassles, and a smoother transaction overall.

To find out how you can take advantage of this exciting program for home sellers, visit us at housemaster.com.


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