As a Charleston home buyer, the term ‘CL-100’ will come up at some point throughout your real estate search and/or buying process. A CL-100 Inspection is required by your lender to close on any home in South Carolina, so it’s important to get familiar with the term if you’re embarking on the home buying process.

CL-100 Inspections, also referred to as a Termite Inspection, refers to the Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report. This inspection focuses on termite infestations, which are common in Charleston due to our hot and humid weather. Inspectors will thoroughly check the home, including under the structure of the home, for termites to determine whether the home gets a “clear letter” or a CL.

In addition to termites, the inspector will look for carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood-destroying beetles, and other types of wood-decay fungi. If no evidence of any of these insects are found, the home is deemed insect free and not in any threat of wood damage.

Below is a checklist of what inspectors look for in a CL-100 Inspection:

  • Current termite or wood-destroying insect infestation with visible evidence, or evidence of a previous infestation
  • Evidence that the infestation was treated, if found
  • Termites or other wood-destroying fungi below main floor of the home that are:
  • Active – with a 28% moisture content or above
  • Inactive – with a 28% moisture content or less
  • Visible damage to wood below the main first floor of the home

If the inspector finds that there is visible damage below the first floor, for example the porch, columns, outside stairs, door jambs, etc., another report will be performed by the SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations stating that the issue has been resolved. The letter will have to state either the home is intact and doesn’t need any repairs, or that repairs have been completed and the home has has had repairs done in a quality manner.

The importance of a CL-100 Inspection report in the closing process is that paperwork proving it’s been completed is required by your lender. The bottom line is if termites are found, the source of the issue needs to be uncovered and treatment must be made to rectify the situation to prevent future damage to the structure.

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