As a franchise owner for one of the most trusted names in home inspections, my colleagues and I recognize that homebuyers can feel the anticipation as they await the delivery of their home inspection report. They want to know which identified problems are deal breakers, which can be fixed after the purchase inexpensively or with a contractor, and which may warrant negotiations with the seller prior to closing. Let's talk about five common conditions that won’t break the bank. 

  1. Exposed junction boxes. Junction boxes protect electrical connections from accidental damage and contain sparks and heat from a loose connection or short circuit, so while important they are easy to fix. A basic cover costs less than a $1 at a home improvement store, and you can install it yourself with just a screwdriver. In a couple of minutes, you’ll have removed a fire hazard and covered up an unattractive exposed box.
  2. Bathroom fan doesn’t exhaust to the outside. Any fan that doesn’t vent properly can turn into a costly problem. In the case of the bathroom, an improperly vented fan means the damp, warm air gets sent to the attic where it’s trapped and has the potential to create mold or damage to the roofing. A professional can fix most bathroom ventilation issues for less than $200*, which is a small investment that can reduce the likelihood of much bigger issues in the long run.
  3. Improper drainage of roof runoff. Gutters and downspouts play an important role in diverting water away from the house. But if your downspouts don’t extend far enough, they won’t do the trick.  Fortunately, extensions can be added for under $10.00. Downspout extensions are easy to install and can even be moved if you need to mow around them. The water around the foundation should never be overlooked. This is a simple fix that could cost thousands if ignored.
  4. High radon levels. A high radon reading sounds scary and with good reason. High amounts of radon in your home can increase your risk of lung cancer after prolonged exposure. But, mitigating radon is possible and fixing the problem is definitely worth the expense. Check out this guide from the EPA for more information on options to consider to mitigate radon and how to pick a qualified contractor.
  5. Leaky roofs. Finding water entering a house from the roof is generally bad news. The good news is that most roof leaks are not roof leaks at all.  Flashings which are the angled barriers found around roof openings such as chimneys are prone to wear and leakage. Replacing a flashing or simply caulking it will often do the trick for a fraction of the cost of a roof repair.  

After every home inspection, our trained inspectors will explain their findings on each item on the inspection report objectively and professionally. We also take the time to show you how to operate the systems in the home and give you tips on maintaining your home to help you prevent unnecessary repairs.

When you are ready to buy your home, contact HouseMaster. The added education we provide will give you greater confidence in your home purchase. An expert, unique home inspection experience is just a click away.

*Cost may vary by location contact a local professional for a quote.