3 Reasons You Need a Home Inspection

For most people, buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. Perhaps you’ll have a wide range of emotions about the purchase. You might be excited and nervous all at the same time. But buying a house can be much like a first date — terrifying yet fun. You’d probably never propose before your first date, and you should definitely never buy a home without getting a home inspection done first.

Our Sioux Falls home inspection team has inspected thousands of homes, and we know what to look for. We’re here to ask the hard questions about your dream home so you can start your new adventure with your eyes wide open.

Buyers looking to purchase a home in the Sioux Falls area can expect a home inspection from our professional team that will give them a detailed, unbiased evaluation of the condition of the major elements of their home. Inspections are part of the home buying process that you should not skip. Here’s why:


An unbiased report

If you were to hire contractors and other professionals to evaluate your home individually, not only would you have a scheduling nightmare and an additional cost for each service call, but you also might end up with a bigger repair bill from contractors who are eager to work on your home.

When we inspect your home, you’re getting a detailed report of the major elements evaluated at the time of inspection. There is no conflict of interest, we aren’t bidding on a project or looking for projects; our only goal is to give you an explanation of the overall condition of the home and point out any major deficiencies you should prepare for. Then, once you have our inspection report in hand, you can make an informed decision. 


Feel confident in your purchase

Once you’ve reached the point of the home inspection process, you’re likely feeling excited and a little enamored with your potential property. But the condition of a home goes far beyond fixtures, paint colors, or flooring.

Because every home and every home buyer is different, you may have certain expectations about what you want out of your home. If you’re expecting a fixer-upper, a leaky roof won’t be a deal breaker. But for those who want a move-in ready home, any big repairs could mean walking away from a property or additional negotiations with the seller. No matter what kind of buyer you are, a home inspection will give you a better idea of what your home will have in store for you and if it’s the right home.


Save Money Avoiding Costly Repairs

Scheduling a home inspection before you finalize the purchase of a new home can help eliminate unexpected, potentially expensive repair and replacement surprises. And with a HouseMaster inspection, you’ll also receive many unique benefits.

One of the other services we offer our Sioux Falls home inspection clients is access to the HouseMaster Buyer Benefits program. You’ll get exclusive discounts from name-brand retailers and businesses you can use on services and items for your new home. By using these offers you can easily recoup your inspection costs and take advantage of the offers for years to come.

Before you enter into a long-term commitment, let us be your guide to understanding the condition of your potential property. Click to schedule a home inspection with our Sioux Falls home inspection team today, and we’ll be in touch.