Home buying is an exciting process that requires careful consideration and research. A home inspection is one of the most important steps in the home buying process, as it helps buyers identify any potential issues with the property before they close on the purchase.  

Whether major or minor problems, all home buyers should be privy to the true condition of the home they’re buying. Your local HouseMaster Serving Harrisburg and Lebanon home inspectors are trained to uncover these issues with the home so you can make an informed decision about buying it. 

Unfortunately, some home buyers choose to forgo a home inspection, putting themselves at risk for hidden problems, overpaying for a property, losing negotiation leverage, and facing safety hazards. In this blog, we explore the risks that home buyers face when forgoing a home inspection. 

Risks for Home Buyers who Choose to Forgo a Home Inspection 

Below are examples of risks home buyers take when they decide not to undergo a home inspection for a home they’re potentially buying. 

Hidden Problems 

One of the biggest risks of forgoing a home inspection is the possibility of hidden problems. A home inspector is trained to identify issues with the property that might not be immediately visible to the buyer, such as structural damage, electrical or plumbing problems, roof damage, or mold.  

These hidden problems can result in significant expenses for the buyer after they move in, causing them financial stress and frustration. For example, if the buyer discovers that the home's foundation is damaged after they have closed on the purchase, they will be responsible for the repair costs, which can be substantial. 


A home inspection can also help the buyer determine the fair market value of the property, ensuring they do not overpay for a home that may require costly repairs.  

For example, if the buyer discovers that the home's roof is in need of repairs, they can negotiate with the seller to lower the purchase price or ask the seller to make the repairs before closing. Without a home inspection, the buyer may unknowingly overpay for a home that requires significant repairs, resulting in a financial loss. 

Lack of Negotiation Leverage 

If the buyer discovers issues with the property after closing, they have limited options for negotiation with the seller. A home inspection, on the other hand, provides the buyer with leverage to negotiate repairs or a lower purchase price. 

For example, if the buyer discovers that the home's electrical system is outdated, they can use the home inspection report to negotiate with the seller for repairs or a lower purchase price. Without a home inspection, the buyer has no leverage in these negotiations and may be forced to make the repairs themselves or pay more for the home. 

Safety Hazards 

Home buyers who forgo a home inspection can face potential safety hazards, such as a faulty furnace or electrical system, that could put the buyer and their family at risk. For example, if the home's electrical system is outdated, it may not be able to handle the electrical demands of modern appliances, putting the home's residents at risk for electrical fires.  

A home inspection can identify these hazards, allowing the buyer to negotiate with the seller for repairs or a lower purchase price. Without a home inspection, the buyer may be unknowingly putting their family at risk. 

The Importance of Your Local Harrisburg and Lebanon Home Inspectors 

In conclusion, forgoing a home inspection can expose home buyers to a variety of financial, safety, and legal risks. It is recommended that buyers invest in a professional home inspection to avoid these risks and make a well-informed purchasing decision. 

The truth is, home inspections protect all parties in the real estate process. Seller inspections are also a great negotiation tool, laying all possible issues with the house on the table before negotiations start. This justifies your asking price, and leaves little to negotiate. 

Home buyers will sill ask to have their own home inspection done, which will provide them with valuable information about the property, including any potential issues that may require repairs.  

With this information, buyers can negotiate with the seller for a lower purchase price, repairs, or both, ensuring that they are making a smart investment in their future. So, if you are considering buying a home, make sure to invest in a professional home inspection to protect yourself from these risks. 


Harrisburg home inspectors Dan Ayers and Scott Ayers, like all HouseMaster home inspectors, have extensive training and certifications and are tested annually to meet the industry standards of continuing education, inspection, reporting, and customer service. As part of the oldest and most trusted nationwide home inspection business, Dan and Scott have been able to put their decade long experience in fire and water property restoration and their passion for customer service to good use in the professional home inspection process.  Request an inspection today!