Listen360 Review March 18, 2022
Listen360 Review March 08, 2022
Monika M.
Listen360 Review February 26, 2022
Wing Hei P.
Housemaster (HM) was very professional - punctual day of the inspection, gave a briefing on what to expect as a part of the inspection and answered any/all questions that I had as a first time homeowner. They were polite and knowledgeable.
Listen360 Review February 19, 2022
Michael L.
Listen360 Review February 16, 2022
Michael Borgida; Alanna T.
Clark was very professional and thorough. He took the time to answer all of our questions and helped us be confident in our decision to make an offer on our house. Thank you Clark!!
Listen360 Review February 12, 2022
Isabelle S.
Our inspector, Clark was very thorough, helpful, and friendly. He was able to help us easily identify what needed work on our new home and where we could focus our efforts. He went above and beyond, making sure that he was able to assess our attic space and flat roof despite some difficulty with access.
Listen360 Review January 29, 2022
Yvonne Maria R.
Listen360 Review December 24, 2021
Peter L.
Listen360 Review December 20, 2021
Zibin Yang, Haoran S.
Clark is very responsible and walked me through the whole inspection steps. I'm super satisfied with his work. I will definitely recommend HM to my friends.
Listen360 Review December 15, 2021
Sonya M.