Safe Outlets Should Not Be Shocking!

Thomas Kelsey| HouseMaster| September 2021| Home Inspections

 Why are missing GFCI’s always pointed out by home inspection professionals? 

 A “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” outlet is a special receptacle with a safety mechanism built in to protect us from electric shock.  A GFCI receptacle will sense the current flowing into the outlet and the current flowing out of the outlet. If they don’t match- there is a “leak” in the current.  This leak can be electrifying your metal appliances or running into you in the form of a shock.  In this case, the GFCI will immediately trip to eliminate this shock hazard.

These devices are installed to protect you and your family.

GFCI Outlets are required to be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. Often, older homes may not have GFCI outlets, since they were built before this code was established. In these cases, most home inspection companies have inspectors recommend installing GFCI outlets, for safety and protection.

Only one GFI outlet is required, at the beginning of the series of outlets that are served. A qualified electrician should be brought in to install GFCI receptacles. Ensuring the safety of homeowners should be the priority of any inspector. While the cost of GFCI outlets is a minor expense in the home purchase process, the safety gains from this upgrade can save a life.


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