Finding a properly trained home inspector in Suffolk County, Long Island  can be difficult. There are some really good companies on Long Island, but most are inexperienced and some are just licensed contractors.  When searching for a property inspector in Suffolk County, you will need to have a company that gives you E&O insurance, along with standing behind the satisfactory findings with some sort of guarantee. The list below are inspectors from the HouseMaster Home Inspection Firm, a national company since 1979.. We also protect the home with a wood destroying insect warranty for 1 year via Knockout Pest Control.

Some questions to ask sellers when making an offer on a property.

How old is the home and did make any renovations to the property.

Is the home on sewers or cesspool? If a cesspool, was it pumped or replaced?  Remember that any cesspool before 1974 was built with a block system that can collapse. Suffolk County is now giving grant money for homeowners that want to upgrade the cesspool system.

Was the home damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Do you see stains or cracks on the foundation wall in the basement?

How many layers of roofing are present?

Is the electrical panel working with todays standards? If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Does the homeowner have any termite guarantee or appliance warranty on the property?

Is there any significant notching in any structural members?

Are the basement windows too low to the ground?

Is the property sloped toward the home? This would lead to water penetration.

Watch out for those open floor plans without proper permits.

Be careful in regards to finished basements without 2 exits . You will need a proper Egress window.

HouseMaster Inspection 800-805-1122


Suffolk County Home Inspection Staff:

Paul Ventre, Frank Cavarra, David Farooqi, PE, Najib Farooiq, PE, Perck Morency CE, 

John Wukowits , Brian Murphy

Matthew Kaplan, Lisa Kaplan, Ilene Chess

The direct line is 631-724-6800

Some areas that Suffolk County inspectors cover.

Amityville, NY Home inspection, Commack, NY Home Inspection, Melville, NY Home inspection, Ronkonkoma NY Home inspection, Smithtown, NY Home Inspection, Sayville NY Home inspection, Port Jefferson NY Home inspection, Holbrook NY Home Inspection, Patchogue NY Home Inspection, Wading River NY Home Inspection, Huntington NY Home Inspection