7 Tips On How To Make the Most of Your Home Inspection?

The home inspection is crucial in gathering information to help you make an informed real estate decision. No home will pass or fail a home inspection, and rarely are any homes all good or all bad. A homeowner and real estate agent can learn much about their home during the inspection. The certified HouseMaster home inspector provides you with information on the condition of the inspected elements of the home as they exist at the time of inspection, as well as information you will need to help maintain, operate, and enjoy your home.

HouseMaster, the most experienced name in home inspections, has created this simple 7 tip checklist to help you “Make the Most of Your Home Inspection.” While all home inspectors must be licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, there are differences in service delivery and report quality. Below are a few things to do and questions to ask to ensure you get your inspection done right! Guaranteed.


1. Always Get a Sample of the Report

Report quality can vary; not all inspectors are created equal when properly documenting conditions. A professionally prepared report will be much more credible, making it easier for the seller to consider repairs or negotiations if needed. We look at the major systems in the home like: HVAC System, water heater and consider the size of the home when conducting a home inspection. We use our HouseMaster home inspection checklist to make sure we cover all aspects the home during this home buying process. HouseMaster Serving Newport Providence, RI, Fall River, MA, and surrounding areas send home inspection reports within 24 hours. Our reports are very detailed and include photographs.


2. Look For Certified Home Inspectors

In addition to State licensing, ask if the inspectors have any additional Certifications or if they are tested annually to be kept up to date. HouseMaster inspectors are licensed, certified, and insured. HouseMaster requires its home inspectors to be certified through the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI) yearly.


3.Ask About Other Services for Other Parts of the Home

Ask the company what other services they offer? There may be additional environmental or other services that would be of value to you that you should consider based on the condition of the home. For example, radon testing, wood-destroying insect inspections, septic inspections of the plumbing system, mold, sewer scope, etc.


4.What's The Guarantee

How does the company stand behind its service? You want to work with a company that is confident in its ability to provide you with the most thorough inspection and is willing to stand behind that promise. HouseMaster Serving Newport Providence, RI, Fall River, MA, and surrounding areas provides home buyers a 90-day limited repair reimbursement guarantee.


5.Go Along On The Inspection

A good home inspector will encourage you to go along on the inspection. In addition, your written report will be much more meaningful if you have seen what the inspector was referring to in his report.


6.Ask Questions

Don’t be shy! This is your time. As a matter of fact, it’s often the first time you will be in the house alone for several hours, so make sure you ask questions throughout the process. After the inspection, you will want to review the ¬final report with your real estate advisors. Every deal is different, so if significant conditions are found that require immediate attention, discuss the next steps with your real estate professional.


7.Consider The Sale Price

The last factor that should be considered is price. Buying a home is one of the most significant lifetime investments for most people, and saving a few dollars on a home inspection could cost you a lot more down the road. However, HouseMaster provides discounted offers through the HouseMaster Buyer Benefit Program.


HouseMaster Serving Newport Providence RI Fall River MA home inspector Paul Miranda, like all HouseMaster home inspectors, has extensive training and certifications and is tested annually to meet the industry standards of continuing education, inspection, reporting, and customer service. As part of the oldest and most trusted nationwide home inspection business, Paul has  over half of a decade-long experience in home inspections and his passion for customer service is put to good use in the professional home inspection process.

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