A home needs a lot of tender loving care – which can seem like an overwhelming responsibility. Don’t worry, HouseMaster is here to help! As part of your HouseMaster home inspection service, you gain access to the HouseMaster Cloud™, a personal online home management tool to help you organize and save everything related to your home


What can you do with HouseMaster Cloud

Save and View Your Home Inspection Report

A digital copy of your HouseMaster report is always available to you and anyone you choose to share it with. You can also download a PDF of your report or print it.


Create a Repair List

Quickly create a repair list directly from your home inspection report. This makes it easy to share the list of repairs with your agent or for yourself for easy review!


Estimate the Cost of Home Improvement Projects

Use the "Estimate Repair Costs" tool to search for a specific type of improvement project and see a range of costs from actual projects completed in your area.


Save Big with Buyer Benefits

Click on the "Offers" link to access discounts and savings on items related to moving into and maintaining your new home.


Track Home Maintenance Tasks

Schedule maintenance reminders to ensure that you will always know exactly what your home needs. Automatic email reminders will take the guesswork out of routine maintenance tasks and potentially save you thousands in unnecessary repair work or damage.


Save Documents Related to Your Home

In addition to your HouseMaster home inspection report, you can upload and save other documents related to your home, such as insurance, warranty and property tax information, all in one convenient location.


Store a Digital Home Inventory

Having a complete home inventory is an important step in determining the proper amount of insurance that you need. It will also help to make insurance claims or loss reporting as smooth as possible.


Document Room Sizes, Paint Colors and More

Save room measurements, paint colors and other important details for each room in your home. Having all this information in one convenient place will save you the headache of having to hunt down details when making repairs or updates.


Keep Track of Product Recalls

Alerts will inform you of recalls on appliances, electronics, baby toys, furniture, lawn and garden equipment, and even your vehicles. You can keep your family safe by tracking anything in your home that has a serial number.


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