Listen360 Review April 07, 2019
Gaurav L.
Listen360 Review April 02, 2019
Monica C.
John was very thorough
Listen360 Review March 29, 2019
Donna K.
Listen360 Review February 26, 2019
Michael Carlton Assylgul K.
Very friendly, informing and detailed.
Listen360 Review February 17, 2019
Kevin R.
Listen360 Review February 11, 2019
Alex M.
John & chris are an amusing pair! The report is nicely detailed and the move app will be quite handy!
Listen360 Review February 07, 2019
Natalie L.
We loved the easy to understand thorough report. It made our decision clear and easy not to follow through with the house as purchasing it with all its problems would have been a big mistake.
Listen360 Review January 22, 2019
Erin F.
Friendly, thorough and very helpful. Gave suggestions on how to fix little issues with the house and found a big enough issue (that we would have not found) for us to know, we needed to walk away from a house.
Listen360 Review December 30, 2018
Brad M.
John was great, and took the time to explain his procedures, policies, and how the inspection process worked before we walked around the property. He was very thorough and provided a great report. He also took the time to answer any questions we may have had, and it looks like the HouseMaster Cloud system will be useful in the future to help keep our home maintenance organized Thanks John!
Listen360 Review December 29, 2018
Garret E.