Whether buying your first home, upgrading, or downsizing, buying a home is a significant and big decision. To ensure you are making an informed decision regarding the home's condition, make HouseMaster your first call.   

A HouseMaster home inspection report thoroughly evaluates the home's major systems and elements. It's a truly objective look at the house you are considering— by a trained professional.   

Why Call HouseMaster First? 

HouseMaster is one of the oldest, most experienced, and trusted names in home inspection. We proudly celebrate over 40 years of helping prospective home buyers make informed buying decisions. Collectively we have performed over 3 million home inspections. 

 HouseMaster continues to be a leading home inspection service  — with a long tradition of quality and integrity. Our legacy is now carried across almost 400 locations,  with a local office nearby that's ready to help you make your home purchase with confidence.  

Home Inspections. Done Right. 

The HouseMaster Home Inspection Promise 

Our exclusive  Done Right Promise backs your HouseMaster home inspection. We promise to reimburse you for unexpected repair expenses on eligible elements inspected and found to be in satisfactory condition. Our promise extends 90 days from closing or 120 days from the inspection date, whichever comes first. 

Every HouseMaster Home Inspector must first pass our inspection. 

To ensure that every inspection is performed to HouseMaster's high standards,  we require our home inspectors to undergo comprehensive training through the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI®), a leading industry training organization. NIBI was founded by the HouseMaster Technical Support Staff in 1987 and is respected in the industry as a quality education provider. Inspectors trained by NIBI may become certified, which requires participation in continuing education and annual testing for recertification. 

Communication Training for Your Questions To Be Answered 

One of the essential qualities in any home inspector is communicating findings clearly and concisely. In addition to their technical training, HouseMaster home inspectors are taught how to deliver their findings and professionally answer questions. Therefore, we encourage you to accompany your inspector and ask questions. This will give you a better understanding of the home's condition and ensure that any concerns about the home are addressed to your satisfaction. Your home inspector will also take the time to demonstrate how to operate various systems in the home and can provide you with many helpful suggestions on home maintenance. 

On-Going Technical Support 

We keep our busy home inspectors current on the latest developments in residential construction by providing them with continuous updates via technical bulletins. Our inspectors also have direct access to an extensive online reference library created by the most experienced technical team in the home inspection industry. HouseMaster home inspectors do not guess when they encounter something new or unusual; help is at their fingertips. 

The HouseMaster  Guaranteed Inspection 

A HouseMaster Inspection consists of a thorough evaluation of a home's major visible components/systems/elements of a house with a detailed inspection report documenting the findings. Our home inspection includes inspecting 15 critical areas, including all functioning or visible major elements and systems and hundreds of associated components. The duration of a home inspection typically ranges from 2 to 4 hours for the average size  house.   

Our home inspector will rate the major elements inspected as either Satisfactory, Fair, or Poor. If something is rated as satisfactory condition and covered under the guarantee, we're confident it will last longer than 90 days. If it doesn't, we'll help you get it fixed.   

  • Central Heating System 
  • The home's heating system(s), including   
  • The heating unit associated fuel supply, venting components, and visible portions of the distribution system will be inspected to determine condition and operability. 
  • Central Cooling System 
  • The home's central air conditioning systems, including visible components of the distribution system and built-in wall units, will be inspected to determine condition and function. 
  • Interior Plumbing System 
  • The inspector will assess all visible components of the water supply, distribution, and waste systems for condition and functional flow. Also included are the hot-water heating equipment, venting, and fuel-supply systems. 
  • Interior Electrical System 
  • The accessible components of the electrical system, including the service panels,  grounding,  connections, and exposed wiring, will be inspected. A representative number of fixtures, switches, and receptacles will also be checked to ensure they work properly. 
  • Built-In Kitchen Appliances 
  • Major built-in kitchen appliances (including ovens, ranges, cooktops, and dishwashers) will be inspected for condition and functionality. We stand behind the accuracy of our inspections and have since 1994. We are confident in the quality of our inspection reports, and after working with us, you will be too. We know there should be no surprises if we do a thorough home inspection. 

Contact your local HouseMaster office for a full copy of our guarantee Terms, Conditions, and Limitations. Not all elements inspected are included in our guarantee.   Our guarantee does not cover new construction. 

Your HouseMaster inspector will inspect all the major accessible elements in your home according to industry standards or local requirements. We encourage you to accompany the inspection and ask questions. This can resolve issues early and help you learn how to operate and maintain the systems in your new home.  

HouseMaster Inspectors collectively have completed more than 3 million inspections. Our unique level of experience, training and available annual inspector testing are just a few advantages we offer. 

Pre-Closing Walk-Through 

Things can sometimes change between your initial inspection and closing. In addition, obstructions may have prevented us from inspecting certain areas or aspects of the home. In such cases, use the pre-closing walkthrough checklist to complete your final inspection. 

Our HouseMaster Guarantee 

We stand behind the thoroughness and accuracy of our service with our Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee. HouseMaster's guarantee is the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry and the only program not purchased through a third-party service. When you offer a quality service, you can submit a quality guarantee.  

Home Inspector Training and HouseMaster Certification 

HouseMaster inspectors have access to the industry's most comprehensive training, ongoing support, and annual testing through the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI®). 

HouseMaster Concierge  

For your convenience, HouseMaster can help coordinate all your utility connections (gas, electric, phone, internet, etc.) in one convenient appointment to save you time and hassle at no charge. 

HouseMaster Buyer Benefits  

The national average cost of moving is about $1,400, with a range of $800 to $2,500*  on a move. The Buyer Benefits Program on the HouseMaster Cloud can help you save during and after the move. Check out the “Offers” section for savings from moving supplies to hardware. 

We've partnered with top brands to bring our customers savings on things you will need during your move, such as truck rentals, appliances, carpeting, and moving services. 

HouseMaster Rave Reviews on Google 

With higher satisfaction scores than Ritz Carlton, Amazon, and Apple—it's no wonder the most respected real estate professionals feel confident telling their clients about HouseMaster. 

HouseMaster Cloud 

With over 3 million home inspections performed, we know that proactive home maintenance is the best way to minimize unanticipated and costly home repairs to protect the value of your home. This is why we created the HouseMaster Cloud, your complete home management platform. Stay current with important updates. Please take pictures of all your appliances, electronics, and other essential belongings,  including their serial numbers. Add them to your HouseMaster Cloud account. Then, if there are any recalls on those items, we’ll send you an alert.  

Enjoying your home can become a reality when all the boxes are away, and everything you need is at your fingertips. This is why we recommend you continue using your HouseMaster Cloud account as a safe and secure place to manage information about your home and set up important maintenance alerts. 

 Your complimentary HouseMaster Cloud Account, in addition to hosting your final inspection report, will help you with the following: 

  • Schedule maintenance reminders
  • Track product and appliance recall alerts
  • Keep a digital inventory of your belongings
  • Manage home improvement projects
  • Access savings on services and products and more!
  • Get automated reminders for essential maintenance tasks.


Ask us about additional inspection services that may be required or desired: 

  • Well equipment inspection 
  • Private sewage disposal (septic) inspection
  • Water-quality screening
  • Radon screening
  • Pool/Spa inspection
  • Irrigation system inspection
  • Synthetic stucco (EIFS) inspection
  • Wood-destroying insect (termite) inspection
  • Multiple dwelling inspection
  • Commercial property inspection
  • Mold testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • WETT inspection
  • Wind mitigation inspection
  • Maintenance inspection



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