Listen360 Review September 17, 2021
Faris R.
Everything was Great, John and Andrew were efficient and knowledgeable. My only complaint is the number of emails received throughout this whole interaction. Maybe 5 emails too many.
Listen360 Review September 12, 2021
Steven F.
Very knowledgeable and very detailed inspection report - spent alot of time explaining things to me which was very helpful
Listen360 Review August 12, 2021
Lida A.
I would especially recommend ANDREW VOLLICK. He was superbly thorough and knowledgeable. The attention to detail inspection was excellent. Everything was explained to us clearly and he had no hesitation when answering our questions . He was on time, very organized as he checked all areas and fully equipped with what was needed. A true professional with a personable approach to with us. Thanks to Andrew . Appreciated all his efforts. Lida Anderson
Listen360 Review July 29, 2021
Kyle A.
Listen360 Review July 19, 2021
Christina N.
Very thorough - Well detailed, lots of photos to explain points, well organized.
Listen360 Review June 16, 2021
Anne Maurina S.
Andrew was patient and answered every question. He showed me where the problems were and how I could fix them. I like the report setup, especially the photos with the large arrows pointing at the problems. The graph showing the assessment ratings of different aspects of the house was easier see and it was better to see instead of having to reading it in sentence form. Much quicker. Easy to find the photos instead of reading pages of written material. Much fast too. Andrew was very professional and I felt more confident that I would purchase the house. From the assessment and the report I knew exactly what I needed to fix immediately, could fix later and what I needed to be prepared to purchase in a few years. Excellent service. The house inspection was excellent.
Listen360 Review June 12, 2021
Katrina D.
Everything! Andrew & John were so thorough, took so much time with us to explain every detail (even when they had another job right after us because they fit us into their schedule to meet our offer deadline) & the information package is invaluable! We cannot recommend HouseMaster enough! We've had 2 other building inspections & John & Andrew's expertise was easily 5 times better than what we've previously experienced. Thank you! We highly recommend your services!
Listen360 Review May 24, 2021
Joe P.
Listen360 Review March 17, 2021
Christopher T.
Listen360 Review February 02, 2021
Alexandra Marr Minh L.