Listen360 Review June 12, 2022
Mohammad A.
Listen360 Review January 29, 2022
Joe B.
Listen360 Review December 13, 2021
Alexandra D.
So thorough and well informed! 10/10
Listen360 Review December 08, 2021
Kelly-Lee M.
Listen360 Review November 23, 2021
Chris W.
Very thorough, Andrew was patient and answered all of our questions. He too in his time, didnt rush and the report was extremely detailed. I felt it was worth the cost. Report was easy to access as well.
Listen360 Review October 01, 2021
Kevin M.
Listen360 Review September 23, 2021
Katherine L.
Very thorough inspection. Took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns.
Listen360 Review September 17, 2021
Faris R.
Everything was Great, John and Andrew were efficient and knowledgeable. My only complaint is the number of emails received throughout this whole interaction. Maybe 5 emails too many.
Listen360 Review September 12, 2021
Steven F.
Very knowledgeable and very detailed inspection report - spent alot of time explaining things to me which was very helpful
Listen360 Review August 12, 2021
Lida A.
I would especially recommend ANDREW VOLLICK. He was superbly thorough and knowledgeable. The attention to detail inspection was excellent. Everything was explained to us clearly and he had no hesitation when answering our questions . He was on time, very organized as he checked all areas and fully equipped with what was needed. A true professional with a personable approach to with us. Thanks to Andrew . Appreciated all his efforts. Lida Anderson