Listen360 Review January 31, 2020
Chuck P.
Honest accurate and reliable
Listen360 Review January 30, 2020
Sara B.
Listen360 Review November 07, 2019
Nathan and Jenny S.
Professional and very thorough. John was polite, courteous and answered all our questions. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a proper inspection when purchasing their home.
Listen360 Review November 06, 2019
Charlie P.
On time, professional and understands customer service.
Listen360 Review November 01, 2019
Andrea R.
John was very helpful. He walked through the house and explained all the "unknowns" to us. He was very thorough and friendly! He informed us on expectations and solutions when he encoutered an issue that was essential in helping us move forward with the purchase. It was a country property that was new to us, so we couldn't have felt comfortable in the whole process without him!
Listen360 Review October 20, 2019
Adam H.
On time. Friendly. Very thorough with service knowledge and even more so with inspection report. Kept it to simple language when explaining the pros and cons of the residence. Proved knowledgeable when questioned by a family member who is an electrical contractor. Although I hope not to on my part, I would definitely recommend John Hansen to friends and family.
Listen360 Review August 29, 2019
Deanna & Hank L.
I was disappointed that I was charged $100 for an inspection of the septic tank however three seconds with a flashlight to look down the opening and not be able to tell even the material the tank of or if any leakage to be concerned about.
Listen360 Review August 16, 2019
John and Christina X.
Listen360 Review August 14, 2019
Ron A.
That you have hub for all the important information regarding the house that the home owner can keep track of.
Listen360 Review August 07, 2019
Alaa L.