Homeowners can repair and reseal their blacktop driveways, creating a professionally finished look, particularly if the driveway is a manageable size. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • Plan ahead. Schedule the job during a week when the forecast is sunny, warm, and dry for several days. Reschedule any deliveries, since the driveway should not be used until the sealer dries.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear old shoes and clothing that you can discard; wear gloves to protect hands.
  • Clean the driveway thoroughly. Use a leaf blower or broom to remove loose dirt and debris. Remove any oil stains with a commercial degreaser.
  • Patch cracks more than 1/8 inch wide. Small cracks can be filled by using a sealer containing fine filler such as sand. Tube-type fillers are also available. If the cracks are too numerous or large, you might need to resurface.
  • Follow instructions. Review product directions carefully. Allow new driveways to age at least a year before applying a sealer. If crack fillers are used, you may need to wait a month or more for them to properly cure before applying the sealer. If the driveway has been sealed previously, use a compatible type sealer.
  • Mix thoroughly. Blending containers together will help ensure uniform shading. Make sure you have enough sealer on hand so you don’t have to stop in the middle of a job, which might result in a change of appearance.
  • Pour, spread, and brush sealer onto the driveway. First, pour sealer on section of the driveway. Next, spread with the recommended type squeegee applicator. Finally, brush over the sealer to work it into the pores of the driveway. Continue until entire driveway is coated.
  • Do not overdo it. One coat is all that is needed to seal the driveway and reduce staining and water damage. A new blacktop driveway can last for several years without sealing. A coat every three years is usually an adequate maintenance schedule.

Remember, every project is different, so if you have questions about specific issues, consult a professional. More home maintenance information is available online at housemaster.com.

Quick Tips: Refresh Your Driveway

  • Work in good weather.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Clean driveway thoroughly.
  • Patch cracks first.
  • Follow product instructions.
  • Buy enough sealer to complete the job.
  • Pour, spread, and brush sealer into grooves.
  • Avoid sealing too often.