A Four-Point Insurance Inspection is performed by a licensed Florida home inspector when a homebuyer or homeowner applies for homeowners insurance or requests renewal of an existing policy. A Four-Point Insurance Inspection is a limited, visual survey of the roof, heating/air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems.  It provides the minimum details required for evaluation of an insurance application by the insurance company. The criteria used to evaluate and report on component conditions will include: current physical and operating condition, deferred maintenance requirements, and design lives. The Company will generate a Four-Point Insurance Report using its standard format, which includes the details typically required by  underwriters. If the insurance company requesting the report requires the use of a specific form, Client must provide the form to the Company prior to the inspection.  Neither the scope of the Inspection nor subsequent Report represents a standard home inspection or report.  All home buyers are encouraged to have a full home inspection prior to making a purchase decision if the Four-point Inspection is not provided in conjunction with a separate home inspection request.