The Real Value of a Home Inspection

Wondering whether a home inspection is really worth it? While a quality home inspection in greater Gainesville, Florida, can cost you a few Benjamins upfront, it can save you much more in the long run.

When deciding what home to buy, getting a home inspection is the only way to confidently understand the overall condition of the home you are considering.

Our experienced HouseMaster home inspection team will evaluate the major accessible systems in your home according to industry and state standards including:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical panel and wiring
  • Roof, ceilings and walls
  • Heating, ventilation, and central cooling system
  • Bathrooms, kitchen, and garage
  • Foundation and grading

In a best-case scenario, your home inspection won’t bring up any major deficiencies and you can buy (or sell) your home with the peace of mind that no visible major issues exist.

But the real value of a home inspection lies in your ability to discover possible deficiencies and factor that information into your home purchase decision.

A home inspection gives you negotiation power

If your home inspection team uncovers a major concern in a home you’re considering buying, you can choose to walk away or depending on the deal, negotiate repairs or a price reduction.

Say you discover during the inspection that the house needs a new roof and replacement costs will be high. You can now ask the seller to either fix the problem before you buy it or reduce the price of the home.

A smart choice for sellers and homeowners, too

Although home inspections provide great value to buyers, sellers can also benefit from having an inspection done at listing.

Knowing whether your property has any problems before a buyer comes along allows you to fix or disclose those problems to buyers and eliminate barriers or minimize last-minute negotiations.

And homeowners who don’t intend to sell can have their home inspected as a way to stay informed and nip potential maintenance problems in the bud, saving hundreds by catching problems while they are small.

Discover potential problems before it’s too late. 

As home inspectors, my team has clients who learned too late that failing to get a home inspection could be disastrous. Imagine buying a car but failing to have it inspected, then discovering soon after purchasing that the car has major problems like flood damage that’s eaten up the electrical wiring, or a faulty engine that needs to be completely replaced. You’d be out thousands of dollars with no recourse.

A home inspection provides the same value as having a mechanic screen your vehicle purchase, but on a larger scale. Electrical problems alone can eat up tens of thousands of dollars—money you could avoid spending by getting an inspection from a professional home inspection company.

HouseMaster delivers more than just the inspection 

As a proud owner of a HouseMaster franchise, a company with higher customer loyalty scores than Costco®, The Ritz-Carlton®, Amazon®  and Apple®* (according to the 2017 Satmetrix Benchmark Report), I want you to feel as confident and happy with your home as possible.  How we treat our customers, our professionalism and thorough reporting is reflected in overwhelmingly positive feedback received each week.

A HouseMaster home inspection also provides customers offers that can potentially save them thousands on the services and products most buyers need including discounts from moving and home furnishing companies that can get you started for less when you decide on your dream house. (We love our customers that much!)

Want to know whether a home is in need of significant repairs? A home inspection is your best bet to determine whether any of the major systems and components inspected will either cause you heartache or provide you years of enjoyment. 

Ready to experience the value of a home inspection yourself? Click here to schedule your home inspection with us, and we’ll be in touch.


*Costco ® is a registered trademark of Costco Wholesale Corporation. The Ritz-Carlton® is a registered trademark of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC.® is a registered trademark of, Inc.  Apple® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.