Satmetrix Review January 28, 2017
Ron C.
Michale was courteous, explained everything, as he did the inspection. Gave detailed printed report. HouseMasters was recommended by my Sales Representative as he has used the company before. Michale gave me the peace of mind that everything was covered that he could do, he did.
Satmetrix Review December 13, 2016
Seth B.
I'm not sure what my expectations were of the service. I was hoping for stronger language to be used and price estimates for repairs and issues. I understand why I didn't revive those expectations but it's what I wanted.
Satmetrix Review November 21, 2016
Sheldon B.
Michael's inspection was very efficient and the report was much more thorough than I've seen from other home inspection companies. It completely covered both any major concerns and all minor concerns, across all parts and functions of the home. I would definitely recommend Michael!
Satmetrix Review November 21, 2016
Alizeh K.
Michael was great
Satmetrix Review November 16, 2016
Chris S.
Extremely thorough and very professional
Satmetrix Review November 12, 2016
Judy R.
Michael, the home inspector, was absolutely professional in his job, from showing up on time, to having the right equipment, to being organized in his approach to the the inspection, to the writing up and explanation of the findings of his examination of the house. He was approachable, gave due consideration to questions, and made clear suggestions in his commentary around minor and "fixable" issues. The material he gave for the pre-inspection report was a really good guide for both thecurrent home owner and any future purchaser. This outfit and inspector represent a good use of financial resources, and are a good resource.
Satmetrix Review November 10, 2016
Chris C.
As a Realtor¨ I have dealt with and met a lot of Home Inspectors in my career. But hands down Michael Schmidt of HouseMaster is by far the best. He is personable, professional and organised. He is able to explain things to the client in a way they can understand and points out everything they need to know. He stays absolutely objective and on task. HouseMasters as a company is amazing too being the only company I know of with any sort of guarantee, Being able to stand behind their work! I look forward to a long term relationship and feel comfortable recommending them to any of my clients, knowing that I can depend on their work and expertise. Thanks Again! Chris
Satmetrix Review October 22, 2016
Michael S.
The customer service was great! The inspector gave us a lot of attention and answered all our questions.