Satmetrix Review June 18, 2014
Victor K.
The inspector was helpful, thorough and courteous. He made sure all my questions are answered and concerns met.
Satmetrix Review June 15, 2014
Mike S.
The report had details and pictures that clearly showed the situation with my new house.
Satmetrix Review June 13, 2014
Vanessa A.
Pleased with the services
Satmetrix Review June 13, 2014
Kevin A.
The overall satisfaction of my buyers
Satmetrix Review June 01, 2014
Jessica C.
I was very impressed with the overall attention to detail during the inspection. It was not only a learning experience but I felt like our inspector really cared about our financial investment and wanted to ensure our new home was a perfect fit for us.
Satmetrix Review May 29, 2014
Vay C.
I have already recommended House masters to a colleague.
Satmetrix Review May 14, 2014
Michael D.
John was very professional and provided great insight into the building/how he would score his results. I was very happy with his work.
Satmetrix Review May 08, 2014
Leigh C.
Very thorough and friendly service. Explained things in a way I could understand.
Satmetrix Review April 29, 2014
Jane and Barry M.
Lloyd does a thorough job of going through everything and explaining how things work (ie. air exchanger) and how to maintain them. He also points out what equipment can be replaced cost effectively (ie. electronic air cleaner, furnace humidifier).
Satmetrix Review April 16, 2014
Mackenzie P.
Timely, courteous, cleanleness, excellent staff,