In order for HomeGauge to upload files to HouseMaster Cloud, you're going to have to make changes to your Windows Registry file. You'll be able to this by downloading the file in the link below:


  1. Click here to download the file (please use Google Chrome to do this. Some browsers such as Firefox download the file in the wrong format)
  2. Make sure HomeGauge is closed.
  3. Open the file. 
  4. A message will pop up asking if you want to make changes to your PC.
  5. Click "Yes"
  6. You'll then be asked if you trust the source of the file.
  7. Click "Yes" again.
  8. Finally you'll be presented with a success message.
  9. Click "Ok".
  10. Open HomeGauge.
  11. Click on "Internet Services" ->"HomeGauge Username and Password"
  12. Enter your HouseMaster Cloud username and password.
    enter username and password

ISN Users

To integrate with ISN as best as possible, you will need to fill out a few more fields. This integration will allow you to automatically lock out customers who have not paid for their report or signed their agreement on ISN. It will also allow you to transfer your reports to ISN after upload to HM Cloud.

  1. In HomeGauge desktop report software click "Internet Services" -> "ISN Access Key".
  2. Enter your ISN Company Key, ISN Access Key, and Secret Access Key.  You can find this information on ISN by clicking "Settings"->"My Access Keys"
  3. Login to
  4. Click "Profile"
  5. Scroll to bottom and click "Create ISN Credentials"
  6. Enter your ISN credentials.

HomeGauge Companion Users

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can setup the HomeGauge Companion App to work with HouseMaster CLOUD. (Please make sure you have run the windows version of HomeGauge and closed it at least once before following these instructions)

  1. First navigate to your Documents\HMA-HomeGauge folder on your computer. In this folder we will find a file called "Settings.xml". 
  2. You will need to copy this file to your Android device. You can use whatever your preferred method is for this. In this tutorial we're going to email it to an email account that is viewable on the android device. If you're confident using the cable or an SD card to make the transfer, feel free to do it the way you're most comfortable with.
  3. For those using the email method, please attach this "Settings.xml" file in an email to yourself.
  4. Open the email on your Android device.
  5. Save the attachment
  6. Once you've done that, open the HG Companion App, Access the Menu and click "More"
    HG Menu
  7. Then push "HomeGauge Data Folder"
  8. Once you've done that, you should see a field labeled "Current Setting". Make a note of this exact file path, because that is where we're going to need to move the "Settings.xml" file to. (If you're copying the file directly from your computer with a cable, you can go ahead and replace the Settings.xml file in that is already in this folder with the one from your computer.)
  9. Now you need to use an called "ES File Explorer" to move the "Settings.xml" file from the downloads folder, to the folder path we found in the previous step. If you have the app, great! If not, go ahead and download it from the Play Store and meet us in Step 10.
  10. Once you have "ES File Explorer", open it up and click on the menu button in the top right corner. From here it could vary what you see depending on the device. On this example, we're going to select the second "Home" that doesn't have a home icon next to it.
    File Explorer menu
  11. Now navigate to the location you found in Step 8
  12. Once there, find the "Settings.xml" file that is already in the folder. We need to replace it with the one you copied a minute ago. Push and hold on the file until the menu pops up, and click "Delete".
  13. Repeat step 10, and then click on the "Downloads" folder
  14. Click and hold on the "Settings.xml" file. Then click on "More", and then "Move To". Find the folder path we found in Step 8.
  15. Now just make sure and restart the HG Companion app, and it should now be using the HouseMaster Cloud servers instead of the HomeGauge Servers.

Put HouseMaster Cloud on Android Homescreen

Put HouseMaster Cloud on iPhone Homescreen