Receive instant pricing feedback via HouseMaster’s new Repair Report Estimate Tool

HouseMaster is proud to offer an exclusive resource that provides you instant access to estimates for repair jobs around your home, giving you options on pricing and answering the question on the mind of every homeowner when something goes wrong: How much will this repair cost? 

Now you know, with our Repair Report Estimate Tool. 

HouseMaster has partnered with Xactware, a leading data provider for insurers, restoration companies and contractors who need estimates for projects to launch the Repair Report Estimate Tool. Xactware’s data is highly trusted across the industry. In fact, 22 out of the top 25 property insurance companies in the U.S. and all of the top 10 in Canada rely on Xactware’s data for insurance claims. Xactware’s insights are typically reserved for industry professionals. But now, we’re opening estimates to all homeowners through this new resource.  

Backed by decades of data and research from Xactware, the Repair Report Estimate Tool is very, very geo-specific. It knows price differences down to a pack of nails from a local hardware store. Xactware’s hyper-local data ensures that the repair estimate provided is extremely accurate. 

How it works

We’ve spent months partnering with Xactware and working closely with our development team to make the user experience a great one. The Repair Report Estimate Tool is extremely intuitive — users start by entering their address and following the prompts to enter any repairs needed. From issues with your roof to garage door, we have pre-determined essentially any repair task you need completed. This is the same technology used by real estate agents and the insurance industry.

And we’re making it available to consumers across the United States and Canada.

Unlock your local repair data today 

Get started now — $29.99 grants you access to create a complete Repair Report Estimate for your home. Enter as many projects as you need. It’s all at your fingertips. You get unlimited access to complete a report during your session. The insights gleaned from it will save you hours of research and potentially hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on repairs. Now you will know whether or not a contractor is offering you a fair price.

Put yourself in a position of power when gathering quotes for home repairs. Know more about your home repairs and how much they should cost.

Try the Repair Report Estimate Tool today.