When you dream of building a NEW home, you imagine everything being perfect. The reality is that the end result is made up of many people working together, and someone needs to ensure that every step is done to the highest level. You want someone that is knowledgeable in all stages of construction, is working for YOU, and has YOUR best interests in mind. HouseMaster can be brought in at 3 different phases of construction:

Phase I consists of checking foundation walls, site grading, potential for ground slope at foundation (clearance to siding), proper setting of sump pump pit, and drainage.

Phase II is completed before insulation and drywall are installed. The inspector will check framing, windows, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough-in. Typically, the roof is complete, so they can also advise you to help ensure that the best products available are being utilized. This includes planning for possible radon mitigation, if it were to become necessary at a later point.

Phase III consists of a thorough evaluation of the readily accessible major elements of the home with a written inspection report documenting findings. A HouseMaster Inspections covers 9 important areas, including all functioning or visible major elements and systems, plus hundreds of associated components. On a new home, we also watch for more common problems. Every door should close, latch, and not hit the frame; every window should be easy to operate; and countertops should be square or caulked. Our goal is to ensure you get the quality and workmanship you deserve.

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