Step 1: login into 

Step 2: Select "Local Info" from dashboard link options

Step 3; Choose, Create new "local interest” page

Step 4: Type title into SEO Slug and Title fields.

Step 5: Add “-" in between each word in SEO Slug

Step 6: Copy or type article text into HTML text box (so you avoid carrying over any unknown html code)

Step 7: Format article in WYSWYG editor to look like it should. Don’t forget hyperlinks. When adding a hyperlink, choose “New Window” as target.  Use defaults for other fields.

Step 8: Upload image. largest size should be no more than 350 px at a resolution of 72 ppi

Step 9: add alt text for image.

Step 10: Save article

Step 11: Corporate will get an alert for "approval" of article

Step 12: Once article is approved, share to social sites.