As franchise owner for the most trusted home inspection company in North America, my team and I have seen some customers get really nervous about what problems we’ll find in their home inspection.

Some residents in greater Sioux Falls worry if their home “failed” the inspection (which it can’t). Most potential homeowners simply want to know which problems their home inspector has outlined are deal breakers and which can be fixed on their own or inexpensively with a contractor.

7 things you don’t need to worry about in a home inspection

  1. Exposed junction boxes. This is one of the cheapest and easiest problems to fix. A plate cover costs less than $1 at a home improvement store, and you can install it yourself with just a screwdriver. In a couple minutes, you’ll have removed a fire hazard and covered up an unattractive exposed box.
  2. Bathroom fan doesn’t exhaust to the outside. Any fan that doesn’t vent properly can turn into a costly problem. In the case of the bathroom, an improperly vented fan means the damp, warm air gets sent to the attic where it’s trapped and creates mold and mildew in your ceiling. Fixing the vent is relatively inexpensive, even if you hire a professional to do the work. In most areas, it will set you back less than $200, and you’ll have a mold-free attic and ceiling.
  3. Improper gutter drainage. Your gutters should be directing water away from your foundation. If your gutters don’t extend far enough, you can add an extension for less than $3. They snap on to the end and can even be moved if you need to mow around them. That being said, water around your foundation should never be ignored. This is a simple fix that could cost you thousands if you ignore it.
  4. Defective outlets. One of the most common types of defective outlets we see is GFCI outlets that don’t trip properly. Luckily, outlets are very inexpensive and easy to replace, so there isn’t any need to panic or back out of a deal. Just purchase some new outlets, and you’ll prevent shock and injury.
  5. High radon test results. A radon problem sounds scary and with good reason. High amounts of radon in your home can lead to lung cancer after prolonged exposure. But, mitigating radon is possible and fixing the problem is definitely worth the expense. Check out this guide from the EPA for more information on radon and how to pick a qualified contractor.
  6. Exposed nails in the roof. When the nails in your roof work their way out, water works its way in. Fixing exposed nails just requires a tube of caulk or roof tar to seal out the leaks. No biggie.
  7. Broken window seal. Hazy or foggy windows indicates a broken seal, which means that your insulation is compromised. This can cost you in heating or cooling expenses, but it doesn’t have to. It’s a fairly simple fix. In many cases, the only thing you need is a new pane of glass, but you might need to replace the window. Either way, it’s not a problem that should keep you out of a home.

So, greater Sioux Falls, if you’re overwhelmed or concerned by your home inspection report, remember that not every issue we discover in a home inspection is a deal breaker.

Many problems require a simple or inexpensive fix you can DIY or hire a contractor to take care of for you. And, our Sioux Falls HouseMaster home inspection team doesn’t just give you a list of problems, we also give you resources to understand what the issues are and options for your next steps.

Did we strike out some of your home inspection fears of flaws? We’re happy to help. Click here to schedule your inspection, and we’ll be in touch shortly.