Inspection Services LLC dba HouseMaster has hired David Bevilacqua of Hutchinson, KS, as a full-time home inspector. He will be available for inspections in early 2018 after completing necessary training. Bevilacqua will provide Hutchinson real estate buyers’ and sellers’ agents another “local” choice for home inspectors, as well as service throughout Central Kansas, with a focus on Saline, McPherson, Reno and Harvey counties.

“I love every aspect of the housing industry,” said Bevilacqua, “and doing the work of a home inspector for HouseMaster Home Inspections of Central Kansas is a great way to be proactive in helping people, in making sure their dollars are well spent when investing in the purchase of a home. I am pleased to be associated with HouseMaster and look forward to a long working relationship this great company.”

Bevilacqua has worked in all facets of residential construction and has a good knowledge of electrical, plumbing, framing, roofing, sheathing and cabinetry. He has helped his friends on many projects, both large and small. In the past several months, he renovated a house built in 1912, pouring new sidewalks and building new porches, decks and additions.

Bevilacqua previously held a number service management positions, including 11 years with United Rentals as the service manager for two United Rentals locations, in Charlottesville, VA, and in McPherson, KS.