If houses had check engine lights, do you think we’d be better at maintaining them?

Did you know that 87% of inspection findings are due to deferred maintenance? Want a quicker, smoother, happier transaction? Consider a Pre-Listing inspection and take care of the big stuff BEFORE you put it on the market.

Take some advice from our expert inspections on these top deferred home maintenance items:

Rainwater Management – This maintenance item is more important than all others combined and involves more areas of the home than any other. Check shingles annually, clean gutters, ensure downspouts are draining rainwater far enough from the home to keep ¬owing away. Check sump pumps. Most wet basements or crawlspaces are due to rainwater being taken off the roof and routed there.

HVAC – Second only to a $10-15K roof (shingle) replacement are the furnace and AC units. The good news is there is very little maintenance and these units should last 15-25 years. Change furnace filters quarterly (3 months). Use a medium grade filter (cheap filters don’t do anything, expensive Hepa filters can block air ¬ow causing service calls. Never run the air handler without a filter. Keep outside units clear of vegetation and clean. Annual servicing is warranted once units near the end of service life. Run AC units till they fail. Replace furnaces once they reach End-of-Life. Nothing worse than having no heat on the coldest day of the year, energy costs are often cut in half with 25 year or newer units and failing furnaces can give off deadly Carbon Monoxide.

General – Flush the water heater for about 10 minutes annually, check interior and exterior caulk and tuck-point brick every 5-10 years when painting. Ensure exterior painting contractors follow protocol 1) Replace decayed wood 2) Scrape 3) Caulk 4) Prime 5) Paint. There are no shortcuts.

Paying extra attention to these items can save you money and headaches!