Meet HouseMaster owner Wendy Rogers. She is a mega-force.  She knew long ago what she wanted and nothing has stopped her from pursuing her ambitions. Chief among her feats is her 20 years of service as an Air Force Officer and Pilot. Immediately upon retirement she and husband Hal knew exactly what they wanted to enter the small business sector and serve their local community. They started HouseMaster in 1997 and have been doing exactly as they had planned. To say they have found joy and success in their ambition is a slight understatement.

SInce putting in the long hours and hard work of creating a thriving business, she has found new opportunities to serve in all sorts of areas, including politics .  She was always involved in her children's education, right up until both her kids graduated from ASU.  Wendy spends a lot of time with her grandchildren. She still flies and now volunteers with the Arizona Civil Air Patrol with her husband. Although she is always on the move all over Arizona she hasn't ever forsaken this wonderful business.