1. Never do an inspection without a signed contract with the client. *

2. Never verbalize a home condition different ( aka more favorably ) than you are going to write it up.

3. Carefully consider the risk of increased liability of " exceeding " / going beyond the minimum industry ( e.g., ASHI or CREIA ) standards of what is to be done on an inspection.

4. Walk away from a client who won't sign, hesitates, or asks too many questions about the inspection contract.

5. Don't compromise your " independence " of view by promoting roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc. that you know even if asked for names by clients or agents.

* Errors and Omissions Insurance carriers require home inspectors to have signed contracts with clients. If no request is made by the home inspector to have a signed contract with the client, that usually is a sign that the inspector does not carry ERRORS AND OMISSIONS INSURANCE which protects not only home inspectors but clients, agents, and owners.